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Default Pokémon Orange

Pokémon Orange
Hack of Crystal Version (U)
By Pia Carrot

Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

Thread images are temporary. Working on getting proper art soon.

Pokémon Orange is a Crystal hack by Pia Carrot/Kuroko Aizawa. The aim of this hack is not only to create a great Orange Islands hack, but also to give me experience to work on Ancient Platinum and raise it to an even higher standard.

I started hacking 7 years ago after playing Pokémon Naranja on a cartridge, and since then I've always wanted to see a good Orange Islands hack completed. However, it's never happened to this extent, so I've decided to take matters into my own hands.


You are a kid from Valencia Island who wants to become a Pokémon Master, after hearing about a kid the same age named Red defeating the Indigo League 6 months ago.

You take on the Orange Crew Challenge, to learn more about the wonderful world of Pokémon and to Catch 'em All!


The entire Orange Archipelago!
OI and Alolan Variants, as well as 100 Pokémon from gens past RBY!
Pinkan Berries that work!
Anime-based story in Gamefreak format
Shamouti Island
Clock Reset NPC for flashcarts
...And much, much more!

Dive Areas
60 FPS (like Prism)
Exp All and Shiny Charm
New cries



Bugs (We hate these!):
None so far!

Credits and Thanks:

CSS by PEDRO13, Clacla and Pia Carrot

I'm a boob

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