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Fixed Bugs:
  • Azalea's GYM don't have carpet to exit.
  • Old Man outside Violet's GYM freeze the game.
  • Enter to Ecruteakt's GYM freeze the game.
  • "Seed Bomb" have the effect and animation of "Smong"
  • "Acid Spray" have the effect of "Acid".
  • "Power-Up Punch" have the effect of "Drain Punch".
  • Shellder have Aerial Ace at Lv.1
  • Type and Stats of Metagross not correspond.
  • Type and Stats of Slaking not correspond.

  • "Roost" now works as in 4th generation. When Roost is used removes the ground imunity of the Flying type.
  • Diferent animations for Power-Up Punch: Comet Punch + Focus Energy.
  • Add "X-Scissor" move with animation as "X".
  • Pokemon that learn "X-Scissor" by level:
  • "Hidden Power" now have 60 power like as 6th generation.

Download the New Beta (0.2.0) in the main post

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