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Thanks for the detailed explanation! The elite four guy was actually just an example of the trainers I wanted to change the music of. I also want tot change Gym Leader and normal trainer music.

And yes, I'm editing Emerald, or better said, Pokémon Glazed. I wanted to make all Johto trainers play custom-made music (based on Gold and Silver music).

But if I understand correctly, you cannot just keep the same offset of the trainer script, even though you are only adding two lines to an already existing trainer script?

So I just boldly (after making a backup of course) added these two lines to the Elite Four member.
*(special 0x3E
playsong 0x1C2 0x0)*
Compiled the script, and tested. The outcome was something like you said already. The battle immediately starts upon talking to the member, playing the E4 encounter music during the battle. After defeating him, the door leading to the next room doesn't open, and upon talking to the member again, the battle starts over:

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