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Originally Posted by Mateo View Post
Miksy that tool looks incredibly handy. I just downloaded it, and I'm sure it will be helpful to others as well. I also agree that it would be nice to have links to tools that are posted on other sites, especially for tools that the author has requested only be downloaded from the main location (so people can still see and find the tool, but always have the newest version because it is linking to the original site/thread/etc.)
True, it is handy

I don't think we should even host others' tools or tutorials here - rather just link to them since that will work too and no "harm" is done by doing that.

So making a new thread with the purpose of just sharing links to useful general utilities or documents could do it. And whenever people find something worth to be shared with others, they could just post their "finding" as a new post in that thread and if it was worth it, the creator of that thread would update the main post with a link to that tool/document/whatever the finding is (along with a simple description of what it is for).

(This way, we could also avoid the possiblity of a new thread being made for every new finding which would be "not worth a shot".)

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