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Well, we've tried countless times to revive this site. It gets a little action and becomes a limp noodle again. It's a pretty sad cycle. At one point this was a site controlled by extremely elitist opinions, when we changed the name to RHO, we wanted to actually encourage players to learn to hack and understand how some of it actually works. With that, we also invited other kinds of hackers, it was meant to be general hacking. Of course we only got like 1 or 2 of those kinds of hacks, and we slowly became PHO again to focus on Pokemon hacking.

We've had a lot of issues with staff drama in the past and the mods all like anime which actually is driving some users away, it really kills the site. The people I want to mod just don't have the time or energy for it anymore.

I loved PHO, and I still do. I hate to see the way it is today. For now, just keep posting your tutorials, your hacks, your lets plays. Maybe one day we'll figure something out and become a learning resource again. Unfortunately, Pokecommunity, WaH, irc chats and Skeetendo are just established and superior to what we offer. I'm sorry it ended up like this as a forum. We were a community and a family, and even I have run out of energy and passion to keep it going.

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