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Default Pokémon Starter Pak

Hack Group: Pokémon Starter Pak
Hacks of: Red, Blue, and Yellow(?)

V2 Updates:
Omastar's altered tiles have been modified in the opening sequence!
Slot Machine exterior has changed a bit!
Wild Pokémon have been modified to be like Japanese Blue's! (I got a couple of placements and levels wrong...)
V1 Updates:
A little more border distinction.

Fixed TENACOOL to TENTACOOL in Blue's trades.

Fixed Green's checksum.
Altered Traded Pokémon names for Green.
Altered Trades and Slot Machine prizes for Blue.

First release.
Nidorino is replaced with Cubone.
SGB Border revamped {Pretty bland. I'm not good with hex} (I felt this hack should've felt separated from Red because I didn't want it to feel too similar.).
Unobtainable Pokémon (of course.).
Slot Machine changes with some altered tiles.
New Names (Blue Version's rival names were also altered to correspond with Green.).
Palette Changes. (Courtesy of Fotomac.)
Altered Blue Version.

Trades up to Crystal Version V1.1.
I haven't tested the Transfer Pak with Stadium yet.

Coming soon!

GitHub Source Code

I'm sure this hack doesn't have very many bugs, but I'm worried the most about the wild Pokémon and graphics. If there are any bugs at all, please post on this thread or on the Skeetendo forums.

Also, my Green Version was coded as a separate ROM, so if you want to build it separately, type in: [make green] in the Cygwin Terminal.}

Wanna make a Kaizo hack out of my Green Version? It is also compatible with RBMap!

Mateo - SGB Border help
Danny-E 33 - Slot Wheel location
Fotomac - Green Essentials
Rangi- GitHub Publishing
Original Green Hack Creator and Montblanc- Inspiration
IIMarckus- Disassembly
einstein95- French and German Disassemblies

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