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Default Pokemon Cosmic Destruction

Pokemon Cosmic Destruction

Hello everyone I am working on my own rom hack and I have an idea for the story but I need your help to decide what I'm going to do with the story and to decide what features I'm going to add, so don't hesitate to PM me, reply to the thread or send me an email': [email protected]

The story so far: The rom hack will be like most pokemon games, beat gyms to get a badge so you can use that HM you got, become the champion and so on... But in this rom hack the story is focused on something a little more important, just a little more it's called saving the world. Team bordeaux is trying to create a mass murder weapon using cosmic radiation and a certain pokemon, this weapon could kill every living being in the world, you are the only one that can save the world. Will you be able to save the world?

Planned features: (This can change depending on your feedback)
  • A redesigned map
  • More pokemon (at least gen 4)
  • different starters (from gen 2 or 4 or completely new)
  • New tiles,trainer sprites, etc.....
  • fairy type ( If I add gen 6)
Here's an often updated list about the progress / ideas
DOWNLOAD TXT:ROM INFO 21 feb 2016 .txt

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