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I've just read this thread, and I'm very eager to see what will come of this.

Now I'm not a programmer in the slightest so if anything I say is inanely obvious I apologise.

In terms of suggestions, the ability for as much easy customisation as possible, along with the ability to expand things without much trouble would be greatly appreciated. (Things such as battleground expansion, overworlds, palettes, extended pokédex, more that just either a male or female to play as, more bag slots etc)

In terms of features, potentially some of the more modern feature such as swarm battles, other than that I am unaware of the newer features as I've not played the recent games.

I posted an idea for ridable pokémon using an overworld with two palettes on pokecommunity to which you gave me an explanation as to why it is unfeasible to implement it in a hack (page 16 & 20, quick research and development). Would your engine be able to support something like this?
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