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Default PHO Christmas Hacking Contest

The First Annual PHO Christmas Hacking Contest!

Contest submission has been given a months extension to January 31st 2014 to give a chance to those who had to drop out due to time constraints.

PHO celebrates its first christmas since its return with a contest for all to join. You will have until the new year to submit it!

The Theme

Your hack must be a short hack, no more than 45 Minutes of Gameplay. You may do anything you'd like in your hack so long as it is Christmas or winter related. Eye candy is always a plus (if you need help finding tiles for GBA I recommend Calis Project or Zein)

Rules and Regulations

  • You may NOT submit a pre-existing hack.
  • You may NOT submit someone else's hack.
  • Your submission must be a hack, Game Development will have contests once more members have interest in it.
  • No more than 45 Minutes of Gameplay
  • Must be christmas or winter themed
  • You may only win one award, so even if it qualifies for best graphics and best gameplay, you will only get one of these (depending on the other submissions)

The Awards

Each of the following categories will have a trophy for you to display in your hacks thread (or whatever you want to do with it, give us some free advertisement on PC! ;p)

Categories include:
  • Best Graphics
  • Best Story
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Christmas Spirit

Sign Up

*If you're coming from, just leave this on my wall

Fill in this form and post in this thread if you'd like to sign up for this contest. Sign up ends the 20th of December, at 5PM EST.
Hack of (ROM):
Type of hack? (Puzzle, Story, Battling, etc.?):
(If from RHM) RHM User Page:
(If from forums) PHO Profile Page:
If you'd like to apply to be a judge...(Cannot participate if you judge)
Skype (required):
Will you be active on the 1st-3rd of January 2014?:
People Attending:
  • Pia Carrot
  • acertony
  • Sukiyami
  • soulryu
  • Dark Sneasel
  • Mewthree9000
  • Varion
  • Dem Eyes
  • MrDollSteak
  • Gal
  • agentgeo
  • Bela
  • Mateo
  • Miksy91

People Judging (Max. 3):
  • daniilS
  • Weloxux
  • Linkandzelda

We wish you good luck and a merry christmas,
The Pokémon Hackers Online Staff
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