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Gotta fill something here.
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Originally Posted by Sukiyami View Post
Whoa, this looks really badass o.o

I'm gonna have to take a look at this sometime, because whoa
Thanks! I did pick up the screenshots and all that carefully, hahha!
Though it's not like I've spoiled anything here in the thread either.

Originally Posted by Rocka View Post
Oh yeah! My pressure caused you to post ;p

This looks so awesome. I've got to play it! Nice job
I guess it had something to do with me posting this here.

Thanks Rocka. Have fun playing this!

Originally Posted by Fractal View Post
Yeah, absolutely true!
I'm curious, now what you'd going to add in the next beta.
Who knows, maybe there an 3rd region or little more going on to EAST side. (?)
Well, I think now it's time to just "Wait and Watch"! Hehe
From what I've planned, beta 5 will cover everything that happens in East-Suden which leads to a question, "Why isn't beta 5 the final version then?".
Well, there's more content to come which makes sense when you get that far in the game as well!

The current release contains ~60% of the gameplay of final version (if I get that far in the development someday). Beta 5 covering "everything" would be ~80% release. What comes after that may stay a secret for now - but it's not about sidequests, nor a postgame, that I can reveal

Also, I like being a "mystery man" as you can see
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