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To keep with the updates, let's see. Haven't done a super lot so far today (I kinda slept the first half of the day because I was off work today, and then I got distracted planning for another future hack but not getting started on it.) Anyway, here is what I've been working on right now (and the other day, since I forgot to post here):

- Removed the very out-of-place battle with "Romhacker Mateo" in Burned Tower (because it was clearly just an edited version of the Rival battle from Gold).
- Added 2 new trainers in Burned Tower (a Channeler and another Burglar. Bringing the total to 1 Cueball, 2 Burglars, and a Channeler inside).
- Roaming legendaries are enabled when you first visit the tower.
- Fixed a few tile errors in the Pagodas and Shrine blocks (incorrect roof tile in a couple of blocks, not super noticeable but once I noticed it I had to fix it).
- Fixed a bug where Channelers still used the old woman sprite in Ecruteak Gym.
- Started working on changes to the "Help the man find his daughter" event at Burned Tower. In the 2012 version it was odd because once you rescue her she is nowhere to be found and stuff like that. Will make more sense and feel more natural once I get it all sorted.
- Removed Ice Shard as an item.
- Replaced Ice Shard with Dawn Stone.
- Fixed it so Snorunt evolves into Froslass with Dawn Stone instead of Sun Stone.
- Started working on the replacement, more accurate way for Eevee to evolve into Glaceon and Leafeon.
- Moved the Seagallop Ferry from Cianwood to Olivine (it made no sense to add a new boat house when the one in Olivine wasn't used anymore).
- Fixed NPC text in Olivine that claimed the Ferry was in Cianwood.
- Fixed NPC text that still accidentally hadn't been changed from Gold.

I accidentally got ahead of myself today and skipped a couple of things in Ecruteak when I moved on to Olivine. So I'm gonna go back and fix those now, then get back to work on Olivine. Don't want to accidentally forget things lol.

Anyway, here is the video showing off how you get Leafeon. I know it isn't *exactly* the same as Gen 4, because it isn't leveling up in a specific location. But it's a lot closer than just using a Leaf Stone on him was in 2012.


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