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So it just kinda hit me, do you guys realize how much history we have? Can you even comprehend the magnum opus that is PHO?
Because I honestly can't. We have so much history we could practically create 4 college courses titled "PHO: A History" or whatever.

Like, do you guys remember the reboots? Or when Seth and Gavin were at each others' throats?

It's honestly like this site is a country of its own. We had the glory days, then we had the terrific leader (Seth) who made it work for as long as he could. Then we had the conspiracy to bring the forums back to life (PCF). Then we had the civil war (Seth vs Gavin). Then we had that really, really funny time in our lifespan when, for some reason, everyone though Seth was a tyrant lmao.

Then there was the re-birth era, and then the wasteland. I just... wow.

And this all happened in the 3 years I've spent here, God only knows what happened before then.

So yeah, go ahead and reminisce.
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