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Gotta fill something here.
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Not sure if that offset there is a value in decimal or hexadecimal, but due to it being bigger than value 0xFFFFFF, I'd say, it's probably in decimal and the hexadecimal value of it is 0x16A298.

So what you would like to do would be searching for a pointer to address 0x16A298 with any hex editor you like. That pointer is "98 A2 16 08".

Once you find it, you would have to make it point to free space, and write your own shop data there. You can do all this with a hex editor and it's quite simple really.

It's all about having to do;
1) A little search
2) Finding free space
3) Re-writing the pointer value
4) Writing the shop data

Sounds kinda complicated as you have seemingly never done anything like this before but it's not
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