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Guess not many around here have even tried this hack yet, but now it's a good time to do so. That's because beta 4.1, and improved version of the beta 4.0 from the previous summer is now up.

I was out of the hacking scene for quite a long while so I haven't gotten that much done and I had even planned this release to be up by the end of 2013. It didn't come then but now it's done though

Originally Posted by The main post

Changes between betas

There are some changes here and there but nothing that drastic. Probably the biggest improvement I can think of right now is re-coding how feeling cold works in North Star. In 4.0, you would freeze by walking on spots where there are trigger events that "activate" the freezing. Now in 4.1 it's adjusted to real-time clock and you may get frozen just by standing at the same spot for too long.

Other things I can pick up are for example re-writing the script for the gentleman asking for Super Onix, making it possible to insert the code of the PC (in Argent Warehouse Central) automatically once you have done it before, and re-writing dialogue in the beginning to give a better view on who Maxime really is.

Is 4.1 a bug-free version?

There may be minor bugs (or even bigger ones but I don't think so) in beta 4.1 because I haven't beta-tested everything properly for this release (although I did give it a test-run). However, most things worked 100% fine in beta 4.0 and there weren't any "bad" glitches out there. And because I have only edited a bit of that and tested that my edited "hacks" work, beta 4.1 should be bug-free too. But if you download it, save often 'cause you'll never know...
I'll be fixing things later if there are bugs you run into
So if you have nothing better to do at the summer time and feel like giving Dark Energy another go, or especially if you haven't even tried it yet, download and have fun.
Link to Mediafire (attachment in the main post):

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