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I have only been a member a few days now, trying to get back into the hacking business, and i can say it has been very tough tracking down all the necessary tools, scowering the web for different tutorials and resources on endless sites, and still sometimes not being able to find what im looking for.

Then i found PHO.

And ive been able to find more help in what im trying to learn about here than i could on PC. I couldnt even get a single reply there on a question. APERSO and CRUNCH are two that have answered my questions so far and were actually a big help, and that is greatly appreciated.

So, giving yall an outlook from a brand new comer to PHO and hacking in general, there IS a need for a single site where all resources for doing what we ALL love to do are available, from tool libraries, to tutorial videos and text documents along with a community base, where we can come and talk and ask questions and help noobs (such as myself) to learn and grow and further what we do. But i see a lot of that already in PHO. I cant comment on the low traffic or whatever you were referring to above about it being dead, but i think there is much life left in it from what ive seen.

As long as you have ppl here who care, which obviously you do, i wouldnt give up on it just yet, but thats just me.

All in all, my opinion may not be valued since im very new, but i just wanted to say i appreciate those who take the time to help me, and i love PHO and all the hard work thats been put into it. Ive been on everyday since finding it, and i have no intentions on going anywhere else. I hope yall can make it into what your wanting, but i think its pretty dmn great already.

You should be proud.


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