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Originally Posted by Pyro View Post
No problem, keep at it and good luck to you!

If you ever feel like it's frustrating you or burning you out, take a break from it and come back to it when you're feeling refreshed. Maybe take the time away to come up with some ideas. If you get overwhelmed it might ruin it for you and you'll lose interest. Just always remember that it's a hobby and not a job of any kind, so you aren't required to do a lot or make it perfect, just as long as you're enjoying it. When you feel confident enough, move it to the next level.
^ This. Exactly this. Its something I'm bad about forgetting too, so I know its easy to get carried away and burn yourself out on something. But keep at it and you'll get there eventually if you just keep working on it when you want to and not letting yourself get burned out on it.

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