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I think one similarity PHO has to PC that people have failed to mention is the cliques that are formed. The reason why I first turned here six years ago was the lack of acceptance at PC. On PHO however, I was welcomed by everyone, including the staff. When I started to visit here again more recently however, there was a heavy hand of sarcasm on newer members. I got the feeling that the staff and their close friends had branched off, and many people that came here were treated differently. I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that I saw a few isolated incidents where the newer members were being ignorant or non-observant, but even still the staff and veteran members should always be friendly in my opinion. The more pressing issue though is the lack of a true community feeling. I no longer feel comfortable introducing myself to members and trying to join into conversations; instead I feel like the forum is a bit more abrasive. If anything should change, I believe it's the overall attitude of the forum. Members should feel welcome to freely communicate, and there should be activities and discussions to bring everyone together. Relic Castle is a great example of a Pokemon based forum that has a wonderful community going. I strongly suggest the staff take a look over there and try to get inspired from their successes to make some of their own here.
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