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Default Pokèmon GS Music Numbers

I don't know if it's going to help someone, but some time ago (some months ago actually) I searched all the playable songs in the game for using them inside scripts. This list includes every song used in the game, but no SFXs, and I never tried using them in Crystal.

Usage (pksvui syntax):
playmusic 0x00XX (2 bytes, but you can ignore the first one, as it's always 00)
Or (Raw Hex):
7E XX 00 (same thing as above, but here the bytes are inverted, and you're forced to write the second byte)
All the numbers are big-endian already, so you don't need to reverse the bytes if you use pksvui.

0001    Title Screen
0002    Route 1
0003    Route 3
0004    Route 11
0005    Magnet Train Fanfare
0006    Gym Leader Battle (Kanto)
0007    Trainer Battle (Kanto)
0008    Wild Pokèmon Battle (Kanto)
0009    Pokèmon Center
000A    Encounter! Tough Guy
000B    Encounter! Classic Lass
000C    Encounter! Security Guard
000D    Heal Pokèmon Fanfare
000E    Lavender Town
000F    Viridian Forest
0010    Mt. Moon
0011    Follow Me!
0012    Goldenrod City Game Corner
0013    Bicycle
0014    Hall Of Fame
0015    Viridian City
0016    Celadon City
0017    Victory! Trainer
0018    Victory! Wild Pokèmon
0019    Victory! Gym Leader
001A    Mt. Moon Square
001B    Pokèmon Gym
001C    Pallet Town
001D    Radio: Professor Oak Talk
001E    Professor Oak's Theme
001F    Rival Music 1
0020    Rival Music 2
0021    Surf
0022    Evolution
0023    National Park
0024    Credits
0025    Azalea Town
0026    Cherrygrove City
0027    Encounter! Kimono Girl
0028    Union Cave
0029    Wild Pokèmon Battle (Johto)
002A    Trainer Battle (Johto)
002B    Route 30
002C    Ecruteak City
002D    Violet City
002E    Gym Leader Battle (Johto)
002F    Lance / Red Battle
0030    Rival Battle
0031    Team Rocket Battle
0032    Professor Elm's Lab
0033    Ice Cave
0034    Route 29
0035    Route 34
0036    S.S. Anne
0037    Encounter! Enthusiastic Youth
0038    Encounter! Innocent Cutie
0039    Encounter! Team Rocket (and maybe Radio Tower Takeover! too)
003A    Encounter! Suspicious Person
003B    Encounter! Devout Monk
003C    New Bark Town
003D    Goldeonrod City
003E    Vermilion City
003F    ??? Fanfare
0040    Pokèflute
0041    Tin Tower
0042    Sprout Tower
0043    Burned Tower
0044    Olivine Lighthouse & Mt. Silver
0045    Route 42
0046    Indigo Plateau
0047    Route 38
0048    Team Rocket Hideout
0049    Dragon's Den
004A    Wild Pokèmon Battle (Johto) [Again]
004B    Radio: Unown
004C    Victory! Wild Pokèmon [No intro]
004D    Route 26
004E    Follow Me! 2 [Intro is looped]
004F    Victory Road
0050    Radio: Pokèmon Lullaby
0051    Radio: Pokèmon March
0052    Intro Cutscene
0053    Intro Cutscene Part 2
0054    Menu Screen
0055    Ruins Of Alph (Inside)
0056    Encounter! Team Rocket (same as 0039 I guess)
0057    Dance Theater
0058    Bug Catching Contest (???)
0059    Bug Catching Contest 2 (this is the only one that plays actually (I think))
005A    Team Rocket's Radio Signal
005B    Gameboy Print Function
005C    The End
Every other number will mute the audio channels, or randomly crash the game, without corrupting anything.

Example Script:
#org 0x1200C8

2writetext 0x67E0
playmusic 0x39

#org 0x1227E0
= Hey, do you know\nthat I am a Team\pRocket member?\nListen to this\pbadass music!\e
// 0x1200C8
4C E0 67
7E 39 00

87 A4 B8 F4 7F A3 AE 7F B8 AE B4 7F AA AD AE B6 4F B3 A7 A0 B3 7F 88 7F A0 AC 7F A0 7F 93 A4 A0 AC 51 91 AE A2 AA A4 B3 7F AC A4 AC A1 A4 B1 E6 4F 8B A8 B2 B3 A4 AD 7F B3 AE 7F B3 A7 A8 B2 51 A1 A0 A3 A0 B2 B2 7F AC B4 B2 A8 A2 E7 57 00 AE 7F A0 7F B3 A4 E7 4F 93 B1 A0 B3 B3 A0 AB AE 7F A1 A4 AD A4 E7 57
Aaand... that's it. Hope to be useful.

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