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003F ??? Fanfare
That is, if memory serves, a radio intermission song for the Lucky Number Show. I'd have to double check on it though.

Also, if you want to continue those numbers for Crystal:
005D - Claire's theme
005E - Mobile Adapter menu theme
005F - Mobile Center access theme
0060 - Buena's Password
0061 - Eusine's theme
0062 - Intro cutscene
0063 - Battle Tower (Outside)
0064 - Battle! Vs. Raikou/Suicune/Entei
0065 - Battle Tower (Inside)
0066 - PokéCom Center
Additional note, the listings actually follow the song order in GBS rips of the games, so if you pull open a GBS rip you can very quickly find the number of song you want to use.
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