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In A-Map, go to "File > Map > New map", and set the width+height and Tilesets for the map.
Then, choose what tile you want as your ground floor, and start 'painting' the map with it. When you've made it cover some of the map, hover over that part of the map, hold Ctrl and then Right-Click, then drag to the right+down to expand the amount of tiles you are "painting". Then you can just paste them over the rest of the map easily.

Then, just use the blocks in the block list to the right to choose what kinds of tiles you want in the map, and set the Movement Permissions when it looks the way you want. Save copies of what maps you are making as map files for backup now and then, in case A-Map suddenly and randomly crashes and makes you have to start over (as has happened to me before). Create and save the ones you will use for the other floors. If you want it to look like the Sky Pillar, for example, use its same tileset combo and/or edit it to your liking. You could even copy and reuse its floor maps as well for a shortcut.

Hopefully this helps.

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