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'Tis the season for an update! Sorry for the radio silence. I've been busy with life things. Anyways, here's the next version of Throwback for you all. I changed quite a bit in the last two weeks, and I'm rather satisfied with how it all turned out.

Make sure to patch the update to a clean ROM before you begin/continue your journey. Enjoy!


  • TMs are now properly infinite. They also cannot be sold or given to Pokémon anymore. Courtesy of FBI agent.
  • As a result of the above, the Celadon Department Store does not sell TMs anymore. TM15 (Hyper Beam) is now a prize at the Celadon Game Corner (5,500 Coins). TM23 (Iron Tail) is now in Seafoam Islands. TM10 (Hidden Power) is in the Sevault Canyon and is no longer obtainable using the Pickup ability; it's been replaced by Full Restore.
  • Pokémon no longer faint if their health fully depletes from poison on the overworld. This replicates how poisoning is handled in Gen IV. Courtesy of daniilS.
  • Professor Oak no longer tells you how to battle in your first Pokémon fight against your rival.
  • Mt. Moon's 2nd level has been fixed in FireRed. Both versions of the patch also see the floor have a slight adjustment in layout to make more geographical sense.
  • Ported the skipping intro text before Professor Oak behavior to LeafGreen.
  • The title screen now lasts for a full minute before returning to the copyright screen.
  • Made the repel message prompt consistent with the current games.
  • Fixed the Extras patch in general. Previously it contained both the complete patch and higher quality cries. It works as it should again.
  • Code cleanup.
Catch 'em All
  • Implemented Shiny Quagsire's edits to the RTC routine. Prior bugs from it, particularly trading with other players, have been fixed.
  • Edited hold items of wild Pokémon. Refer to the Event Guide to see which Pokémon can hold what trade evolve item in the wild.
  • Super Nerd Miguel now disappears from Mt. Moon after taking one of the fossils.
GB Player
  • The TM/HM obtained and starter obtained jingles now play properly again.
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