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Originally Posted by Tristesse View Post
Looking good so far! But there is a few things that you might want to fix:

1. A few misspelling of words [ Professor to Proffesor, for example. ]
2. Misty's sprite didn't show up when she's assisting Professor Oak.
3. Yellow's sprite changes to Red's when she is fishing.
4. Seaking sends out Seadra? Is it meant to be that way or?
5. Seadra sends out Dewgong? Is it meant to be that way or?
6. Before we named the character (Yellow), Red appeared instead.

But there's nothing groundbreaking, I played it until I saw this old man blocking the way to Celadon City and entered this cave which the interior looks like Pokemon Battlefield without any trouble. Thank you for the good work and I am waiting for the next beta!
Thanks, I'll look into the them. I'm going to focus mainly on Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter now. I want to finish the hack and get it out of the way before the year ends. I'm on holiday now so I can post a chapter update everyday (starting tomorrow).
Hello, I'm looking to expand my friend safari in Pokemon Y. If you have a 3ds, can you please send me your friend code and we can add each other?

Here's mine: 2466-3703-5335
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