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Default VPN Cluster attack the PokeBank Japan?

Anyone interested, In creating a mass P2P application which shares GPU processing, the other route would be to create our own Heavily encrypted cloud server and work from there. Once we have a secure network established sharing our processing power DDOS-attack Nintendo's Japanese DDOS server?

I don't want to abolish their Pokemon, rather just keep it shutdown for a prolonged amount of time. If anyone is interested let me know. My goal is to establish equality for all regions until it is fully released to all regions. Japan is just the first target.

I have no intentions of destroying the server, I just feel equality with the PokeBank is very important. Think about it, anyone without the PokeBank is getting shafted via online play due to the simple fact that they are unable to transfer crucial Pokemon they may need for their team.

Honestly, I'm quite pi**ed and feel that the game should have been available for all regions from the start. Well, besides japan, I would expect they would get it first hence the Nintendo plus the game originated from Japan and was developed by Japanese coders.

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