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Default Pokemon: Project Neo Adventure Revisited

Little bit of a long story, so I'll keep it short for here ^_^

My name is Nate, previously known as daMoose52. I was a ROM Hacker back around 2000-2001 and worked with Neo Productions on the Neo Project; a pair of hacks on Red & Blue to add new Pokemon to the game.
We stopped work around 2001 and let it sit as we pursued other projects.
More recently, around a year and half ago, I came across some articles and documentation regarding the progress made on exploring the old Red & Blue code base and the disassembly project and it piqued my interest again. Turns out, I had a LOT of my old notes from the Project Neo days still archived in various places. With the disassembly in hand, and with the notes as well, I figured "Why not?" and started work on it once more!

It was alternatively hilarious and sad because within about two weeks and the disassembly I was able to recreate the work we had done as a team in 2000 and then some
SO, here's the rebooted Pokemon: Project Neo! Nothing "released" yet, but I'm slowly recollecting the old notes, materials, and assembling some resources. Goal is to have a release ready shortly after cleaning up some of the scripting and ensuring the WRAM remains stable so that save files will carry between further release.
Additionally, after all these years and some new talents and interests developed, I hope to expand on the project itself to include more "traditional" elements, including artistic renditions of monsters and characters, walkthrough guides and sources, and more ^_^
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