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Originally Posted by DasRagnerokGPR View Post
I found this to be very useful for what it's intended for, and I tried it on other GameBoy Advance games like Sonic Advance which worked just as swimmingly, but after trying to make a pitch corrected version of Mega Man II (GB) it just simply wouldn't read it because the program only reads .gba files. Would the technology simply not work right without creating an entirely different program or would it be possible. (What I mean is, are GBA games polyphonic like GB/GBC games are in terms of sound? If that is so then it would work fine with other file formats.)
From what it looks like to me, they are indeed polyphonic (at least in terms of having several instruments playing at once in different tracks, with said tracks sometimes including program-changes into other instruments).

I do know of a program called Sarpy (not Sappy) that works with some of the Pokémon GB/C games and is able to extract their songs into .S format which you could load into Sappy and extract as a MIDI, but apparently it doesn't support other games. For those, I'd check out a site like for manually sequenced MIDIs.
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