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Originally Posted by Princess Luna View Post
*My friend Sams has made a pie and brought it over*
*Skeeter tastes a bite of the pie*
Skeeter: This tastes exactly like if some old granny with no teeth chewed on a piece of sugar cane and spit into a pie crust.
*Everyone stares blankly at Skeeter*
Sams: ...Umm is that a bad thing? Or a good thing?
Skeeter: That's a GREAT thing!
AJ: Skeeter, I'm not sure I wanna know how you know what that tastes like.
*Skeeter looks down and shakes his head*
Skeeter: The things a boy'll do to get corn from Wisconsin...
> male friend is bringing pie to your house
> other male friend fantasizes about sugarcane from toothless grandmas.

Interesting social circle you have there.

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