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Default Thoughts on HotM/Y?

What are your thoughts on hosting our own Hack of the Month/Year competitions? This could extend between RHM and PHO.

[17:39] <Rit-chan> alright, how do you think HotM/Y should be run
[17:40] <Bela> there should be clear rules on who can and cannot enter that are impartial but also not game-able
[17:40] <Bela> it should try to limit conflicts of interest as much as possible
[17:41] <Bela> it should have competent judges that give consideration to what they're reviewing
[17:41] <Bela> it should award as winners hacks which reflect the best of the community
[17:42] <Bela> in real terms, this means
[17:43] <Bela> the hacks of the active members of PHO/RHM would be in the running
[17:43] <Bela> I would split it up between GBC and GBA hacks
[17:44] <Bela> whoever running it should be someone who is not close friends with or incredibly capable of being influenced by anyone participating in the competition
[17:44] <Bela> same goes for the judges
[17:45] <Bela> the idea is to be as objective as possible
[17:46] <Bela> the exact metrics used to determine the winner can be drawn up later
[17:46] <Bela> I think I've made the most relevant points already
[17:46] <Bela> I'm wary of members voting, only because it is so easily to game a system
[17:46] <Bela> -easy
[17:47] <Bela> and I would rather it be a matter of the best hack as determined by judges, rather than the most popular hack
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