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Default New OverWorlds in Fire Red without JPAN's engine

This tutorial was made by MCSayer301 from WAH, NOT ME, I JUST TRANSLATED IT

Well, not to long ago Javi3315 made a great tool which allows you to add more OWs to a Fire Red rom.
The problem was adding those OW in an editor, and no one was able to do it, until now.

What do we need?
-OverWorld Editor (with the Kyogre icon):
-Overworld inserter:
-Free Space Finder
-A brain xD

Let's open Overworld Inserter v.1.1.1 y load our ROM (if an error happens we have to use and alternate method of
loading, where you have to put the full path of the file. In case the alternate method does not work, try changing you .Gba folder,
preferably with a shorter route.)

And it should look like this:

Now press Crear Tabla.
It's going to ask you if you want to save information, press yes and save it in a place you can remember. It always works.
Now click Herramientas-> Buscador de OWs
This should pop up.

Now go to the first OW you added (it should be 152), you can see because the offset changes radically. Write that offset down in a notepad.
Now go to OverWorld Editor (with the Kyogre icon) and open Sprites.ini, and go to the Fire Red (English) section.

You should see this:

[BPRE]Name = Pokémon Fire Red (English) SpritePalleteHeaders = &H3A5158 SpriteBank = &H80117C SpriteCount = 10
but change SpriteBank to your new offset (the one that appears in 152, but don't type the 08)
Save the ini and open the tool, and now you should have 104 new overworlds. (0-103)

One of the bad things about this method is that if you want to edit one of the original OWs (up to 151) you are going to have to use NSE and for the other ones you need to use OWE.

If you want to edit one of the new OW's pallets, the "Buscador de OW" has a pallet changing function.

I hope you like this tutorial, if anyone has any doubts post them on the thread.

*Do NOT use pal 0 in any of the OverWorlds

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