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Exclamation Memento

Hello everyone, mewthree9000 here. I've recently been taking some time to contemplate my existence, more specifically my past and my place in the the Pokemon ROM Hacking community and how things have been effected by my absence and the progress of this community in general.

So in a nutshell I've been wondering recently about what we could be doing differently, about the spark we need to light up the hacking community. I have a few thoughts but I do want to hear everyone's opinion*. I know that I have neglected my position in the ROM Hacking community more than a few times in the past. It has never been my intention, but I am still guilty regardless.

I'll be really raw and frank, I made some bad life decisions. More specifically getting married and going through my divorce did in fact almost destroy everything I worked for through my teenage years. It has been an uphill battle to restore my life. I destroyed not only my position in the ROM hacking community, but my education and my career. So this is me admitting that I made bad decisions that effected more than just myself. I am sorry for that.

I hope that those who do lack respect for me can forgive me for being proud and neglectful. I hope that they can learn to respect me once more, and I am willing to work for that respect. Today, I'm making a decision to put my shoes back on, I'm going to be more active and try to fix what I've broken. You all deserve more. That is how I feel.

I do hope great things for the community, if we can somehow make that happen, very few things would make me happier.
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