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Update (0.2.5) 04-28-14

Fixed Bugs:
  • Muddy Water don't do damage.
  • Persim Berry can be used in battle.
  • Bug Catching Contest have wrong pokemon and level.
  • Steel-type no resistance Fairy-type moves.
  • Scientist in Mahogany Town have wrong level.
  • Youngster in Route 38 have wrong level.
  • "Tramp Pokemon" in Rocket's Hideout have wrong level.
  • Rival have RED color in Indigo Plateu.

  • In Ecruteak City is a person who makes you three questions and depending of your answers you give away one of nine Evolution Stone for your Eevee (This event is from the beginning but forget to turn on).
  • Updated the levels of the Game Corner prizes.
  • Changes in all teams of the Elite 4 in accordance to hack.
Download the New Beta (0.2.5) in the main post

This text has been added to the main post:

This game is a test hack for my main project: Pokemon Revolution.
Since this is a test, many bugs are not required to report, such as defects on maps or tiles.
After finish the Beta 1, I don't plan publish beta 2 faster, but when the game is free of most of the bugs, I will release all the information that has been modified in case someone else wants to continue my job or use my rom as a base for your own project.
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