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Originally Posted by Mr.Soda View Post
Wow, just, wow, this looks great!
I cant wait to see more of this, the screenshots look like they were pulled straight out of the actual Platinum game, and I didn't know you could manage to import Platinum music into Fire red.

Now, there are some questions I have, if you were so kind as to answer them please:
I didn't quite get the difference between the two versions.
One is completely faithful to the original Platinum, while the other has extra stuff you added? Is that the way it is?

How many of the pokemon combat animations were implemented? Are they going to be static sprites like in Fire red? or are they going to be animated? if so, are they going to be only the frontal animations you see when facing a wild/foe or are you also gonna have the back animations when you let out your own pokemon?

I would be really glad if you could answer me, and I really hope you don't give up on this; so far the screenshots look great and the music in that video sounds fantastic.
1: yes
2: not right now (animations) and the moves don't use the correct animations (cuz that's time consuming to the max)

Originally Posted by Mr.Soda View Post
It looks great

Which one is the hack, and which one is an actual copy of Platinum.
If I didn't know I would say they are both from the same exact game.
Take a wild guess
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