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This is something that I was highly interested in and still am at this point.


I have in the past ordered custom cartridges online through an overseas provider.

The first set of cartridges had a gba rom compiled with Goomba, and Red/Blue/Yellow all included.

I also ordered a second set of cartridges that was comprised of several different gba pokemon hacks.

Something that I immediately noticed was that none of the carts contain a RealTime Clock. Making it so anything that required a regular time system wouldn't work.

This means that if you create a hack, and intend for it to be ported to dedicated cartridges, you would have to create it without any clock based events. Which in turn will not allow you to use such systems as the Day/Night/Seasons system, or the Berries system.


This being the case, I am in the process of attempting to create a Ruby hack, that is entirely devoid of clock based events of any kind.

I want to be able to have it ported to dedicated cartridges so I can hand them out to my friends, and the team of people helping make the hack.
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