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well some oeple kills old gold/silver games , replacing the rom for a blank one, then the clock will work ..
there are also some nintendo offcial " blank" carts that the hakers got a way to put everything there XD there also incluse a space for the cloch thing but you nee dto get it from a GS dead cart (or some other wya to get the clock tning?)
It's called GBmemory

there are also a bunch of flashcards and you can even make they work on pokemon stadium :v (for myself I just don't know exactly what to do lol)

For GBA I think only flashcards ... say they aren't that cheap :/
(note: I even thought about getting blank carts and a way to write there, or even asking an chinese company to make some carts for me:v but as a falshcard, isn't that chep ahha )
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