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Originally Posted by Etherwolf View Post
Hey, we could both be wrong. xD But I understand what you're saying. I think it would be too much then for him to make his own game, without a reliable group at least. And I'm not saying the setup now is wrong or bad in any way. I'm just tossing up ideas. I really would like to see one long game, built up patch by patch, chapter by chapter, of the Pokemon Adventures storyline + some original extras added. To me, it just feels disheartening to have it all so detached. Won't stop me from playing the hacks, though. The storyline itself is kinda unique in the hacking community. I guess. I wouldn't know, I haven't looked through the site's hacks.

Edit: Ah, I just looked into it. Though it's possible to expand ROMs depending on the system, doing so can be easy or difficult.
That's pretty cool about the whole ROM expansion thing, you know when heard about Aethestode's hacks I immediately thought to myselve, this guy now he knows exactly what type of hacks I like. Seeing him go through so much and still continuing on the hack for his fans inspired me. I really respect strong willpower in people. He inspired me to try hacking, and though I'm terrible at it (lol still can't make a dialogue script lmao,) it made me glad to know Aethestode is still making cool hacks.

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