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Not sure what to tell you really apart from checking out tutorials for doing this and that..

This guide is very outdated and explains some things wrong. For example, I wouldn't be surprised at all if most addresses described for RBY would only match for Red and Blue and not Yellow!

Nevertheless, you can for example see that documentation behind evolutions and moveset learning data for RB(Y) is under section 12. As I said, those addresses should work for Red and Blue, but could be very different for Yellow. The datas should match though! What I mean by this is that pokemon evolve at the same levels and know the exact same moves in all three versions, don't they? Because of us knowing this, we can use that information for finding the data easily in Yellow.

You can use the "Search" function of any hex editor to look for data in bytecode. Just see what's written (as bytes) under one of those addresses (for instance, Kadabra's data to make it possible to evolve it to Alakazam in yellow) in a red or blue rom, and search for that exact same data in pokemon yellow, and you should be able to find what you're looking for.

This is a pretty good way to start practising hacking by the way! I also started out by doing a few evolution method edits here and there and eventually learned a lot, lot more.
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