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Sorry guys, I've been really busy with University coursework and my honours project so development on this has taken a major back seat.

I plan to add Gen 4 and 5 items where they are necessary. EG, new evolution items, the EV training items are already in, but not game specific stuff, you'll have to add that yourself.

The Kalos Pokémon are partially implemented in the engine too, but some are missing base stats and sprites. Mega Evolution is NOT in the game, and I have no intention of adding it either.

I could do with some help, however, in porting over the move effects and making battle scripts for the engine. Given the sheer number of moves, doing each of them by hand will be an excruciating process!

If anyone's interested in helping me with those, speak to me on RHM or reply to me in this thread and we can discuss what needs to be done.

I've built a lot of framework for the battle engine now, and fundamentally it is quite complete. There's a lot of stuff missing though. There's no bag support (primarily because I've not coded the bag in any way) and there's also no party screen (same reason as above).
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