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Default Introduction post to help fill void

Hi, I’m Adrevi. I’m here because of the happenings over at Pokecommunity. There’s been talk of reviving PHO as a community and although I’m a little doubtful, I’ll try to stay optimistic and see it through for the while being. I haven’t really done anything forum-wise though; you generally found me in one of the discord servers instead, so I’m pretty unfamiliar with what to do.

As for what I’ll try and do hacking-wise… I’ve been keeping my eye out on pokecrystal, because it’s a finished disassembly and because I found projects like Prism, Orange and Coral to be oddly inspiring. Once pokeruby and pokeemerald are further along, I might switch over to Gen 3 hacking instead, but who knows. I also draw sprites and the like, sometimes.

(Edit: I learn that PHO is undergoing re-branding and now this account is obselete, crud.)

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