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Default FireRed hack: Pokemon Revenge

*thanks to PurpleCharizardZX for the art box *

Language: English

This is kinda long. Sorry about that.
Hi. I'm qaz015393 and this is my first pokemon hack. I did however work on a older version of the hack but I forgot about it and the team fell apart after some time. So I had this idea for a while now and still plan on making this hack. The idea and the team behind the hack Team Dark Evolution. Why call it Team Dark Evolution? Because it sounds right for the idea I had once for a Rom hack that will have the Pokemon in it dark. I had the idea thought of a few years ago but never really thought it fully though. However after playing many amazing hacks I wondered about my great idea of Pokemon game called Pokemon Revenged but forgot what it was and the full story, so I plan on making a new hack with a different story. So now I no longer want it to be nothing but a thought in my head but, a real hack others who share the same interests as me can enjoy and play. This thread is to make Pokemon Revenge * or Pokemon Dark Evolution, if I think of renaming the hack/team name* a reality. I can not make the hack alone so I'm forming a team to help me out since I forgot everything hacking related from few years ago. Although I am now slowly working on it since I am back working on it.

At the age of 16, you became the champion of the KYERG region [name could be changed later] Team Obsidian is gone and everything is peaceful. One day 6 years later, when you are with your friends and girlfriend enjoying life,Team Obsidian returned with their plan to defeat you and experiment on Pokemon to evolve them to horrifying shadow Pokemon and take over the world. They succeed in blind siding you capturing everyone, you and your dark charizard. Everyone had their memory of you vanished due to Team Obsidian's experiment. Your friends and girlfriend have been brainwashed and have been made gym leaders and your rivals. It is your job to bring all their memories back. You kinda like the world as it is but hate Team Obsidian for what they have done to your loved ones and the Pokemon and seek revenge. Some familiar faces join you as well. What familiar faces you ask, just wait and see.


new story

new hero/hereon, gym leader, evil organization, elite four, champion, etc.

new characters, also includes some anime characters as well

new custom sprites

2 new regions [hopefully if not than 1 region]

new maps

new tile sets

new dark/shadow Pokemon

new gen Pokemon from gens 1 - 6

music from gen 2

Day/Night system


Matt: Male hero aka Red. From time to time he calls himself Red so Team Obsidian doesn't know he is after them

Abby: Female hero.

ALUCARD: He replaces Prof. Oak and now has more of a part in the game.

SIRIS VICTORIA: She replaces Green or otherwise known as the main rival.

WALTER: He replaces your mother and he is you loyal servant.


That is all the characters I will be naming and taking about.


Will do 1 soon. If you would like to do 1 be my guest.


Pre-Beta V.05 Pokemon Revenge Pre-Beta V.05 HG SS music patched.rar

Just want to apologize for the errors, grammar and other things that may be a problem in this pre beta. Just to let you know they will be fixed soon as we move along in the hack.

WHAT Pre-Beta V.05 COVERS:

I decided to release this since we are still working on it but on our new rom by SicariusCredo3. And since in our new rom we have a few new gen 4 pokemon inserted [and it doesnt like me to let me re insert the scripts] the test rom I used to insert scripts will be released instead. Anyway this covers scripts up to the 4th badge [2 scripts were not inserted since was waiting to do them and has 2 towns without npc scripts edited], intro changed, male hero sprites [no running ones], music from HG music patch [which is being changed in our new rom to custom music]. There are 2 main bugs though, you can't go to route 2 so instead u go to pewter city. Which means u cant go back to the previous towns/routes. And also in front of Mt. Moon's poke center the quest script freezes the game. But u can bypass it to continue and do the 1st part of the quest. The other part doesn't work so u get no script. It has some new sprite for the pokemon. There is 1 thing, the rival's name replaces the new character that are inserted when u enter battles [was trying to change it in the previous rom so there are a few rivals but am fixing it in the new rom]. And a few scripts got a bit messed up [i dont remember since we r using our new rom] so so sorry about that. The script where u choose another starter in the lab is a bit messed up.
Again, I'm releasing this pre-beta to try and get team members to help me out.

Bugs & Glitches: Minor Major

  • As of now the npc on route 1 [the only other person on route 1 besides the poke shop keeper] doesn't have a script. I tried to change it.
  • Some of the text gets cut off at the end.
  • There is 1 section in the beginning where the text has a big gap before the next sentence starts. [I believe this bug is fixed since I didn't see it in the prof.'s intro]
  • Some text for Alucard isn't showing up and I am working on fixing it.
  • you can't go to route 2 so instead u go to pewter city. Which means u cant go back to the previous towns/routes. [fixed in our new rom]
  • in front of Mt. Moon's poke center the quest script freezes the game. But u can bypass it to continue and do the 1st part of the quest. The other part doesn't work so u get no script. [going to get fixed in our new rom]

Tools used:
Advance Map
Advance Intro edit
Advance Text
Anime Editor
CDay& Night
Door manager
Item Manage
NamelessSprite editor
Overworld CHanger
Overworld editor re
rom header editor advance
start map chooser
trainer editor
gba pokemon game editor

The Team:


rodygo -- welcome back man


Script Inserter:


& me -qaz915393

ASM hacker:


tayub121 --part time spriter


Beta Testers



THEFOREVERMAN -- ??? [programming/scripter] helped made the story better.

Syneon thanks for helping out & for the tutorial.

SicariusCredo3 - Tile set inserter

GreyBidoof - Basic scripting, pokemon data editing, map editing using advancemap, basic sprite inserting/editing

habit12 --- graphics, spriter, title screen maker.

[for now until I add more]

nintendo for their games
Ace_Master_of_Turtles -- for the Light & L sprites
PurpleCharizardZX -- for the box art & the Alucard sprite [he did do a OW sprite for me too but I lost that so I need to get another 1 made]
hackamew and all the other creators of the tools [sorry hackamew is the only 1 I know of right now. When I find their names I will add them]
SicariusCredo3- for inserting tiles using the tutorial Syneon did and Shawn for the original tutorial
Syneon- for helping me trying to add the tiles & the tutorial.
Shawn for the original tutorial.
THEFOREVERMAN- for helping fixing the main story and some scripts.
tayub121 -for helping out with the sprites & credit for the charmander sprite.
BlueEon - The male hero Sprite + it's Ows.
BurstX - for letting us use his Silver sprite in the hack.
1158 - for doing some character sprites.
GreyBidoof - for doing some shadow pokemon
tayub121 - our temp spriter.
GoGoJJTech - HG/SS music patch
Ksiazek Bartlomiej for most of the gen6 sprites, icons and cries.
Le Pug - easier tile insert tutorial and help with scripts, new rom loading in advance map 1.95 [thanks for AM 1.95]

[this is regarding work on our main/new tile set rom]
STORY: 90% finish hand writing the main story. Didn't do the Team Dark encounters or the legendary mons though since those are kinda easier. I'll do them later.
SCRIPTS: 45% Got mostly all of the main story finished now, not including the ending. Did almost all of the 6 towns worth of main story. Didn't insert it though
SCRIPTS IN GAME: 0% [the story scripts are done for the next beta but waiting for a few more things to get done before re inserting them in and also need some help to get few of them working right]
Thanks THEFOREVERMAN for helping me fix the script I would like help for the progress to go faster [since im re-learning].

MAPS: 1%
TILES: 50%
SPRITES: 45% a few of custom sprites are down for the characters. I am using public sprites for the pokemon & other trainers and will add credits for them once they are inserted with no problems.
PROGRESS Until next pre beta release: 40 %

I need help and team members since I'm relearning how to hack. So you can go here to apply.If you would like to join the team leave me a VM/Pm and we can talk Since we do have possessions open and some more help. Also we are looking for another scripter to help out.


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