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well the PCC was removed completely, so i would have to make a new map, repoint the map and event data to new space so I could add the map and events... all is doable but... kinda a pain...

but ultimately, what is the point. its not like you could trade or access the japanese cellular trade network or anything (even if it were still active)... so remaking that is kinda pointless...

the flight data should be easy tho.

when the game was ported to a US game the GS Ball event was translated, the event existed in US roms as you see it, it was just locked away, I simply unlocked it and altered the nurse text to have a small story instead of a "congradulations for going to nintendos event that you did not really go to because this is a hack" kind of text. it took alot of digging to find all the parts but it wasnt as big as me trying to script such an event.
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