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Default Complete Item Editor

Complete Item Editor

Complete Item Editor is a tool for hacking Pokemon third generation ROMs. Its sole purpose is to edit anything and everything about the items in the game.

Edits all types of items
You can change the items; Name, Price, Description, Pocket, and the order Pokeballs are stored in the Ball Pocket.
Item IDs automatically generated sequentially.
Automatically repoints descriptions that are too large.
Displays description as it would appear in game (assuming it fits on screen)
You can change the items; Type, Usage Location, Field Effect, Battle Script, Value of effect, Hold effect, and the Attack held by a TM/TM.
If you are creating a new item, you can add a script for it to run when used from the bag.
You can turn any item into an Evolutionary Stone with one click (also make it unable to be an evolutionary stone)
You can change the location of the image if you have inserted a new one already.
You can manually edit the palette or repoint it if you have inserted a new one already.
Has lots of error checking to prevent you from making stupid mistakes.
Single clicking an item will keep you on the same page.
Double clicking an item will move you to the General page.
All fields have information displayed at the bottom. (so you know what its for)
All offsets can be eight characters or less. (you don't have to put the 08 up front)
Supports BPRE, BPGE, AXVE, AXPE, BPEE and most hacks based on any of them. (more can be added if I had all the offsets I need)
Image options are unavailable for AXVE and AXPE because they don't have item images.


UPDATE: Version 2.0:
You can select which battle effect you want from a list instead of using offsets.
You can also select the field effect from a list.
Added a "More Usage" button under the Usage section.
You can heal status effects, pp, hp, increase/decrease happiness, increase stats in battle, increase EVs, incease levels, and so much more...


NOTE: no image editing functions are added yet... its on the list tho.

Ive been having a hard time decompressing the LZ77 images into something usable... if anyone has any tips id love to hear em...

ToDO List:
Display Item images.
Allow users to edit and save new images for their custom items.

VVV Credit these guys VVV:
God - for making all things possible.
xGal - for inspiration and this tutorial ( ).
KarateKid - for teaching me how to make Evolutionary Stones.
Darthatron - for making the ASM script to use items from the bag.

thanks for your time, hope you like it. and ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR ROM!!!

The download in this post has been updated (Version 2.4 - 11/2/2014)
LSA - Complete Item

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