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Default LSA - Complete Multi-Choice Box Editor

Complete Multi-Choice Box Editor is a simple tool for editing the Multi-Choice Boxes in Pokemon Games.

It handles all the repointing for you, you never have to type in an offset... ever. If you do however, it will put the data where you tell it... it assumes you mean to put it there even if its overwriting stuff.

You can repoint the whole table if you need to add more, but this must be done before editing any boxes. You can increase or decrease the number of choices in any box but this must be done before editing any choices...

If you repoint the table or change a box and it gets repointed, the tool removes the old table or box data, freeing up space, so repointing the table more than once wont be wasting space. This is not the case for text offsets though, if the text gets longer and ends up being repointed, it leaves the old text (important because some boxes reuse the same text)

I know people say you should do this by hand... but I really cant see why... its boring.


currently only supports BPRE 1.0
UPDATE: Version 1.1 supports BPRE and BPEE.

If I could find the pointers to the tables, I would make it support more roms (when I search for the box offsets I find more than one possible pointer, and Im unsure which is the correct one)

critics are always welcome.

(version 1.1 updated 9/7/14)
LSA - Complete Multi-Choice Box

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