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Default Inverse Battle Applier

The Inverse Battle Applier is a simple to use tool that allows FireRed hacks to have Inverse Battles.

An Inverse Battle is a battle where all type advantages and disadvantages are swapped. It was introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

The ASM routine that this tool applies was made by DoesntKnowHowToPlay


To use this tool, you need to know a free flag (if your hack is fresh and FR, 1FF is free). Type your free flag into the Flag field and click apply. To make a battle Inverse, set the flag, to make battles normal again, unset the flag... simple as that.

You can type in an offset you wish for the routine to be places, but the tool automatically finds free space so you don't need to bother with that unless you have a specific plan.

The routine can be seen in this thread:

HidoranBlaze has edited the original routine to work with Emerald version...

Version 2.0 supports FireRed and Emerald (updated 11/6/2014)
LSA - Inverse Battle

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