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Thanks @Gamer2020 and @Fennekin !

In an effort to try and stay on top of updating this thread too, let's see... I haven't done as much the last couple of days (I got distracted, tried to start working on Pokémon Spirits and Legends, and then was like "No! Stop! Work on Christmas!") But anyway...

- Added some brand-new trainers to Ilex Forest.
- Added a Move Tutor in Ilex Forest, who teaches Megahorn to Pokémon that can learn it by level-up in the newer gens. This costs 1 Heart Scale per use.
- Added Heart Scale to the list of items that can be found by Zigzagoon with Pickup (but they are rare).
- Altered some NPC text in the Gate House between Ilex and Route 34
- Played around with trainers on Route 34 so they aren't exactly the same as Gold.
- Changed the prizes in Goldenrod's Game Corner (Mew is no longer included the way she was in 2012)
- Started working on the code for my single-player Mystery Gift clone (since to my knowledge, no emulator bothered to emulate the IR port on the GBC, making actual Mystery Gift useless).

That's my current progress report, I'll try to keep you guys posted as more comes up. Hoping I will have this release ready for the holidays. I doubt it will be the full game, but Johto + Elite Four should be ready by or before then. (And when the time comes, I'll make sure the Full Version is fully compatible with your save file from the Johto + Elite Four release).

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