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Default DSLN: An Emerald Hacked Engine

After JPAN made his hacked engine, it seemed that FireRed had won the battle of the Pokemon ROM bases. However, despite this, as well as the false rumours of its instability, as well as all the other features FireRed had in its favour, several brave hackers decided to stick determinedly by Emerald.

Although FireRed has received more attention from hackers, Emerald is by far the more "complete" ROM base. I'm not going to go into this; simply ask any Emerald hacker and they'll tell you why.

Emerald hackers have always looked covetously at FireRed. BUT THAT DAY IS NO MORE!
I bring you Da Supremerald Laudable Nick-nacks; an Emerald hacked engine. I will be attempting to port many of JPAN's hacked engine's features to Emerald, as well as several other hacks and patches of my own. If anyone wishes to contribute, I've set up a GitHub for this project. You can check it out here: Send me a pull request if you have anything to add. If you wish to install this, the instructions are also on GitHub. Simply read the README files and all will be clear.

If you wish to suggest a feature, please leave a comment below.

Current Features
  • More Overworlds - inspired by JPAN
  • Customisable Tag Team battles - like the Mossdeep Space Centre battle

Planned Features
  • Multi Battles from scripts
  • Pokemon Attributes
  • Variable Maths
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