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Originally Posted by Alice View Post
The site is fairly dead but I don't know that those are the reasons why, I'm fairly sure it's mostly that we don't have much to offer that other sites don't do better. We actually do allow offtopic posts here, we have a section specifically for them (games are also allowed in there). We don't have a fangames/game development section anymore because it got very little to no activity so it was dropped. That said, it's only dead in activity. A lot of the staff members only check in every now and then due to the low activity but we've not given up on it yet, we do have future plans that I'm sure everyone will find exciting. Most of our activity is actually on our sister site,, which is a social network for everyone from hack players to hackers and even those who do neither (I myself neither hack nor play hacks anymore). Feel free to check it out if you are interested in discussion in a less forum centric format
Few days back i submitted my rom hack project, can you check why it is not shown in forums yet!
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