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Exclamation Pokemon ChaosBlack

Welcome to the world of Pokemon, although this time you might want to carry another pair of pants with you on your journey. Welcome to ChaosBlack, where nightmares seem fun. My name is Mewthree9000 the founder of Mewthree Incorporated and I'm here to tell you that Pokemon nightmare is back!

The hack is now completely revamped starting from scratch with the same intentions as before, that intention is making an amazing hack in the spirit of classic Pokemon! New worlds, new ideas, and a huge load of new discoveries! It's time for a hack with just as much game play as there is Pokemon!

Keep checking up on us, there will be new material by the week, and soon a new site for cool ChaosBlack updates and info! The hack is going full throttle this go around!

Back in 2005 mewthree9000 and aviex(The original creators of ChaosBlack) decided to create a hack with the use of donated fakemon to prove the functionality of adding new Pokemon in GBA ROM hacks. At the time the idea was still new and not many graphic hacks had really been attempted by anyone other than Mew3.Inc and Helmet Rodent. This was sad so I set out to start a graphic revolution! So we did it, we made a fast hack with 100 new fakemon donated by countless forum members! It was a lot of a fun and a huge challenge at the time! While we were working on the hack we released an alpha patch, which quickly became viral and was eventually picked up by the Asian black market... And well... The rest is pretty much history.

New Story:
You're an orphan born with psychic abilities. Your family was murdered by some unknown force that you were too young to remember. The fact that you survived is a mystery. You're turning 13 and the voices and visions are getting stronger. You honor your family by living in a small house next to the shrine your family is buried in. The town founded by your father has long since been abandoned, but something is calling from your family shrine. "Where am I? Who am I?" a deep voice echoes in your head. Visions of a disturbed world haunts your nightmares.

NEW Screenshots:

Current Progress:
Maps: 5%
Graphics: 2%
Scripting: 1%
ASM: 1%

Planned Features:
-All Current Official generations of Pokemon
-100 Fakemon(Some oldies revamped!)
-4 New Regions!
-Time Travel/Dimension Shifting
-Mega Evolution
-New Puzzles
-A bigger badder Team Rocket
-Individual Pokemon Story Expansions
-PokeGods Creation Story Expansions
-Psychic Abilities Implemented into Overworld Journey
-Whirlpool Returns
-Dive Returns
-Unown Return
-Unown Story Expansion
-Unown Evolutions
-Alternate Dimension Character Recreations
-10+ Gyms
-Pokemon are rare and hard to find
-All items are super expensive
-Dark Pokemon battles(Pokemon 4Ever Style)
-1 ghost Starter at Lvl. 1
-Pokemon Rescue Quests
-Braille Returns
-New Ancient Language
-Intense Riddles
-New Attacks
-Fairy Typing

Current Team:

-Krystalflemingo(Fakemon Design/Art)

-Team Fail

More updates soon guys! Stay tuned!
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