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What are we doing?
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When I was 9, I was searching for random videos in YouTube and found ROM hacking video.
I'm interested so I downloaded dem hack tools and play around with them.
The first thing I do is replacing houses in Littleroot Town to caves.
I was a big nub that time, didn't even know how to edit the movement permissions. xD
I quit ROM hacking because I find something better, online games.

And the in 2012, my brother's computer's broken, I've nothing to do.
I find that my grandfather's computer's unused, so I asked my grandfather for using it.
He gave me that computer, I tried to download an online game and tried to play it, but that computer's slower than the slowest. xD
I deleted that online game, tried to watch videos but that ancient computer still can't handle it.
And I found ROM hacking video again, I'm interested again and got into it.
Everything has been changed, Advance Map is more better than before.
I searched about ROM hacking in Google and found PC, I joined and learned more about ROM hacking.
I asked some hackers for scripting help, I found tajaros and later I realized that I asked the wrong person jk he's good, he became my friend after that.

In 2013 my skill's improved a lot, unlike before.
I can do more than replacing houses with caves.
tajaros referred me to the forums named The Pokémon District.
I scrolled down to the bottom and I found PHO, I decided to join.
And then, I left PHO silently.
After some days, I decided to be back to PHO, I don't even know it was shut down.
So I joined RHM (it was RHO) instead.
And PHO is back up again, I've been here since.

That's how I began ROM hacking and found this place.
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