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This sounds like a good idea but four days is too little for people to start a hack because of work or school or in my case both and getting far as to release the first beta takes time. Also if wannabe hackers want to participate it'll be hard as they gotta look up tutorials for hard stuff like creating promotional banners, titlescreens, scripts, tile inserting, and spriting. It would take up to much time to learn this or find people to help them.

I say we make a sub forum that where people put threads that post their participation, ideas and what they need help with all in one thread and we reset by deleting them each month. the next sub forum is where we put all the winners for each time we do this. The time limit should be a month. there should one winner and also awards for best spriter, best mapper, scripter, etc. and make things more interesting each month should have a theme.

sorry if everything i say is unorganized
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