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Default Help trying to get a legal trainer ID/SID

I prefer to have my Trainer IDs mean something to me and I thought I use the Pokesave code to fix my ID for my gen 4 games. I realized through Pokecheck that its called illegal and isn't a correct way to get ID in gen 4

So I rather not use action replay but is there a way to change my Trainer ID when I start a new game to the numbers I want such as 51044 or 40933 and be legal?

Pokechecks hack check has improved and I just want my ID to appear legal through their checks because it bothers me when I have pokemon I caught in game legit and being called hacks

I know of Smogon's RNG method using Pandora box
but I dont want to use it as RNG

If this isnt in the correct topic please move it. I'm still new and trying to get use to this place
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