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Default Simple HGSS Spriting Tutorial

Hello, Welcome to my HGSS (Heart Gold, Soul Silver) Tutorial.

First of all, the programs I use are

Photoshop and Paint

This tutorial will be based around Photoshop, but most of the things will apply to Paint as well.

Let's start the guide.

1. Preperation...

To prepare, you will need to have a template ready, (If you do not have one, use te one below.(Will be on soon.))

The Sprite, is in a Rpg Maker XP format as that is what I use the sprites in.

EDIT: Finally, if you are using Photoshop, I add groups, Two main groups, Hair and Clothes then four sub groups on each, Up, Down, Left, Right, This way it makes it neet and tigdy for everyone to see.

2. Pallet...

Before making the sprite, you will need a pallet which will work. I suggest using at least 2 HGSS sprites to create the new pallet. When laying out the pallet, suggest having it look like this,

I have split the pallet into two partsto mkae it easier to view.
To make it easier, have the colours for each area going darkest to lightest (Visa Versa) As seen in the example above.

For this tutorial, I will be using Clair's Hair Pallet and Morty's Clothes Pallet. As shown below.


The Skin Pallet is not shown as it is on the template above.

(If uing paint, put the pallet somewhere to the side.)

3. Hair

When ever I start a sprite, I always start with the hair. (In my opinion, the hair makes about 75% of the characteristics and the sprite it's self.)

So, get the darkest colour (Not black) and Draw the outline as shown below.


Next, fill in the WHOLE INSIDE of the outline using the Second brightest colour in the 'Hair' Pallet.


OK, now that we have the outline and the filled in hair, we need to add some shading, I start with the darker colour first. (This is the one in between the outline colour and the 'Fill in' Colour) And shade the areas which is at the bottom of the hair and where there are details (Just underneath). Seeming as the light source is mainly above the sprite. Shading is shown in the example below.


And now, you need to do the top of the head. I normally put a circle as where the light hits. This shows where the hair starts to go back down. (Some peoples hair goes up then there is a small area where it goes down then up, then back down.(See the example at the bottom of the tutorial.))
Here is the example for light shading.


Now, we have the hair done... or do we? NO! we ave some minor details to do first. Where you have put the dark shading, on the outline you will need to change it to the black colour... like so...


Finally, add the last details you want to add, (I add a small cross at the top of the head like so.)


There we go, the hair of the sprite is completed. That is about whater 75 / 9 is (9 because the three front view, 3 back view and the three side view (Only three because you can just flip the side around to get the other side...)) Next up is the clothing.

4. Clothes

Clothes, are needed for any sprite, unless... NO I am not going any furter lol. Anyway, like in the number 2 area, you need the pallet. This is easy if you did the steps in number two. Like I said, I will be using Morty's Clothes Pallet.

OK, like with the hair you need to make an outline... (You will need 2 different outlines, (The Shirt, Trousers)) I normally start with the shirt. I use the one of the darker colours on the clothes pallet as it is going around the body, if you do not get what I mean Look at the diagram below.

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